A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's minigolf, you know how to play minigolf.

How to Play Minigolf

Use the mouse to aim.
Mouse cursor distance to ball determines power.
Click to putt.

Click to use the menu and advance through score screens, too, it's all clicking.

The lower your score the better, but now I'm being patronising.

Thanks to Bilby (bilbyfactor.itch.io) for making some levels.
Flan-Flan helped too, but he isn't on itch.io so w/e.


I LÖVE Minigolf! (.love, universal) 3 MB
I LÖVE Minigolf! (Windows, 32-bit) 6 MB

Install instructions


Download, extract and run i_love_minigolf.exe. Windows Vista+ supported.


Depends on LÖVE 2D 11. This should be installed from the Ubuntu PPA linked on the framework's front page (https://launchpad.net/~bartbes/+archive/ubuntu/love-stable).

(And if you aren't an Ubuntu person, I'm gonna guess you can work out how to do it on your platform, you seem pretty smart.)

Anything else:

If you can run it with LÖVE 2D, it'll probably work? (Best of luck.)

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